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Jessica took Taiwan by storm last year, when she attended the Golden Horse Awards. While in town, she posted for a covershoot to Elle magazine, that now out.

The photoshoot and the interview was published on their website and while I’m waiting the magazine to be available for purchase overseas, I translated it and published in our press archive. I’m sorry in advance for my poor google translation skills and I’m accepting any help to fix the article.

In front of the screen, she is a Hollywood superstar, but she does not feel pressure at the shooting scene. Instead, she is passionate with a smile and a hug.

Hollywood star Jessica Chastain, who came to Taiwan for the Golden Horse Awards for a short stay, took an exclusive cover story for Elle. In order to leave her a deep impression on Taiwan, the editorial team carefully prepared the traditional Taiwanese opera scene, using sky lanterns and opera costumes, and invited the puppet masters Chen Xihuan to perform a cross-knife performance to create a fantastic encounter between oriental culture and western fashion. In Jessica’s beautiful interpretation, we open 2018 in the most gorgeous prologue. (Read More)

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