Jessica Chastain Elle’s Fashion Cover

In front of the screen, she is a Hollywood superstar, but she does not feel pressure at the shooting scene. Instead, she is passionate with a smile and a hug.

Hollywood star Jessica Chastain, who came to Taiwan for the Golden Horse Awards for a short stay, took an exclusive cover story for Elle. In order to leave her a deep impression on Taiwan, the editorial team carefully prepared the traditional Taiwanese opera scene, using sky lanterns and opera costumes, and invited the puppet masters Chen Xihuan to perform a cross-knife performance to create a fantastic encounter between oriental culture and western fashion. In Jessica’s beautiful interpretation, we open 2018 in the most gorgeous prologue.

Jessica with a fine pupped “Little Dan” and the 87-year-old puppet master Chen Xihuand with her father Li Tianlu, performed a short “Heroes to Save the Beauty” scene and Jessica looked at the master carefully. He teached her how to help “Small Jordan” and how the “scholar” opened the fan appearance. Amazed, Jessica exclained: “Wow, it’s a really incredible experience! I really really enjoyed working with the great puppet master.” After the shoot, she also revealed she wanted to buy a bag to play at home. This is Jessica’s own cute place.

Before I saw her, the entire work team taut every never, after all, is the popular Hollywood actress. She didn’t expect her plane to arrive early in the morning in Taiwan. She came to the scene early in the morning and gave a big gracious smile saying “I’m ready!

Brave and Vocal Feminist

From heroic CIA agent at “Zero Dark Thirty” to exhausted political lobbyist in “Miss Sloane”, Jessica is not only know as a strong woman behind the scenes, but also a well-known feminist behind the scenes. She objected to Hollywood’s sexism and is disgusted with the portrayal of any materialised woman. The program was even more in line with the unspoken rules of “equal pay for men and woman” in Hollywood. She still insists that her equal pay is equal to her male counterparts. The performance of the show is also worthwile. She is also a brave voice in the recent sexual harassment storm in Hollywood. When comes to feminism, Jessica think its important: “Everyone must learn how to live an environment where women can not easily find a place, so I think going forward is a woman’s responsibility. We are in this era where women should Understand that when we work together, we can accomplish a lot of incredible things! I am very happy to play many strong female characters in the movie, show the strong and work-oriented profession of women in the movie, which is a very important role model for young girls.” She recalled that her great-grand-son had told her when she was young: “Women should not drive”. She was so shocked. “Because I always thought that ‘women can do whatever they want’ and suddenly someone told me that ‘women have limits’. Perhaps this is why I consider cinema as a way of breaking stereotypes in women! My goal is what when a girl looks at ‘The Martian’ or ‘Interstellar’, she thinks “When I grow up I want to become and astronaut or a physicist’”. It doesn’t matter whether her fame can be passed on for ages, she cares is what is being done now, can make the world a better place? It sounds like cheesy, but it is her sincere hope!

This year, she re-entered the Golden Globe Awards for best actress for the new film “Molly’s Game”, a live-action adaptation of the Poker Queen Molly Blood. Jessica thinks the character is interesting, because Molly is a real person, from a retired Olympic skater to a newcomer to the world, who accidentally entered the underground casino world and established a high-level casino, became the shuttle in Hollywood, the giant of the Wall Street tycoon, and also needed to cope with the Russian mafia. “When I play Molly, I want to turn her story into a story for all women. I work hard to create a relationship with the audience, I hope women can see themselves when they watch movies, because Molly worked very hard to find success in men’s rules of the game and it is not easy. I believe many women will get the resonance.

Jessica also play cards in real life? She smiles and said: “I do not really play cards but that’s okay, because in real live, Molly does not play too much, but it can create the most attractive celebrity gamble. But gambling makes me nervous because in the end, winning is not a good way for me to invest money.

Strong Warn Appearance Under the Warm Soul

Although there is a strong image, petite Jessica is very cordial! I’m sure everyone watched her at the Golden Horse Awards and was very impressed with Ang Lee’s presentation. She said she was also impressed with Ang Lee: “I remember the first time I met him in Cannes, though I did not work with him, but I really want to have a chance to. He is a great artist and director, but also a very gentlemen, good people. I was very happy to present an award with him.” I believe we all seen her on stage performance, the lovely wink expression, and the lovely words dedicated to the Golden Horse Awards, a sympathetic actress, your efforts, your sincere attitude. Most touching is that after the awards ceremony, she posted on social media: “Awesome to be part of the 2017 Golden Horse Awards. Seeing many women participating in the film industry, the best of them are the directors awards. Three are female directors and the Golden Horse Awards have become the highest honor of Chinese filmmakers.

Domineering the queen face love is what look like? Jessica generously said: “My ideal love is that both people can be themselves, and as we continue to grow in our lives, our love relationship will not be changed. Conversely, love will not change accordingly ‘who are you?’ and ‘what do you think of this world?’ but accept each other as human beings.” Soon her marriage, the true feelings of the conversation, revealed the appearance of happiness. Asked for advice to single women, she seriously thought to seriously answer: “In fact, I really enjoy the single life. I recently married, I love my husband, but at the same time, the experience of single life… I am very good at it! I study a lot, travel to a lot of places, read a lot, I will become today’s own, because I spent a lot of time with myself in my life. So I recommend single women, well… take time to know yourself, look at the world, focus on what matters to you, and when you do it, the right person will come to you.

After the shoot, from the photographer to the editor and all girls from the work team, Jessica gave everyone a big hug. How can you not love her?

Talking about the impression on Taiwan, “Taiwanese are very gracious and everyone I see has a big smile on their faces. Another impressive thing is that there is no trash on the streets, a very clean, beautiful place.” Jessica hopes to return to Taiwan, visit more countries and travel around Asia. She smiled and said: “The next hope is not to work, but purely for sight-seeing the scenery. That will be great!

Jessica’s Jewelry Charm
ELLE: Please use three words to describe the charm of jewelry?
Jessica: Enegry, Elegance, Dazzling Glamour. Wearing jewellery you can feel the energy of gems, with the color of the stones, whether is ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond, will have different feelings.

ELLE: Please describe the jewelry brand Piaget in three words.
Jessica: (laughs) The three words are too hard. (Seriously) I think it’s Glamour. Historically, many famous celebrities have chosen Piaget. It has a tradicional reputation and a brand that understands social feedback. In the United States, it strongly support the production of independent films, especially for me there is a resonance because it allows diversified movies and more different stories to be seen. It is very special for me to give more feedback to society on the part of a brand besides the image of being dedicated to running the USA.

ELLE: When should girls buy the first piece of jewelry?
Jessica: I wanted jewelry when I was young, about 5 years old! At that time I want to buy a pair of earrings, I think this is very important for girls, they will be confident, specially from the mother or grandmother to get her a piece of jewelry. It’s very happy and touchy moment, all kinds of complicated emotions. Having a jewel to accompany me is a very good thing.

photos: ZHONG LIN
styling director_KATE CHEN