December 3, 2022 George & Tammy Posters Projects Stills

Several HQ episodic stills and 2 posters of Jessica Chastain in “George & Tammy” have now been added to the gallery. Enjoy! Television Shows > George & Tammy > Posters Television Shows > George & Tammy > Episodic Stills

November 18, 2022 Appearances Interviews Stills Videos

Jessica Chastain promotes her projects during Jimmy Fallon show. Check out the HQ stills and video interviews! Public Appearances > 2022 > Nov 17 | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Videos > Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Nov. 2022)

November 18, 2022 Interviews Stills Videos

A couple days ago, Jessica Chastain visited Kelly & Ryan to promote her newest projects and more. Enjoy the video interview and two photos from them! Public Appearances > 2022 > Nov 16 | Live With Kelly & Ryan Videos > Live with Kelly & Ryan (Nov. 2022)

October 14, 2022 Appearances Interviews Stills Videos

Couple days ago, Jessica Chastain stopped by Jimmy Kimmel to talk about her new movie, visiting Ukraine and apparently managing a Halloween shop in her dressing room. Multi-talented woman, for sure! Public Appearances > 2022 > Oct 12 | Jimmy Kimmel Live! Videos > Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Oct 2022)

October 11, 2022 Campaigns Gucci

Gucci released their new campaign with Jessica Chastain. Enjoy the HQ promotional photos and video. Other Projects > Campaigns & Commercials > 2022 – Gucci > “It’s Gucci Time” Campaign Video > “It’s Gucci Time” Campaign with Jessica Chastain

October 9, 2022 George & Tammy Projects Stills

Vanity Fair released exclusive first look pictures of Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon as Country Music’s King and Queen in “George & Tammy”. Television Shows > George & Tammy > Episodic Stills

September 9, 2022 Posters Projects Stills The Good Nurse

I added to the gallery posters and more promotional stills from Netflix upcoming movie “The Good Nurse” with Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne. Movie Productions > The Good Nurse > Posters Movie Productions > The Good Nurse > Movie Stills

July 22, 2022 Projects Stills The Good Nurse

Take a look at first images of Jessica Chastain as Amy Loughren in “The Good Nurse” Movie Productions > The Good Nurse > Movie Stills

Jessica Chastain was a guest-in-remote to the Jimmy Fallon talk-show last night and below are a few photos and the two videos uploaded to his channel. Take a look! Public Appearances > 2022 > Jan 19 | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Video > Jessica Chastain & Andrew Garfield Went to Church to Prep […]

January 6, 2022 Interviews Stills Videos

Jessica Chastain explained that her grandma is at an age where she does whatever she wants and doesn’t care what happens — like when she decided to playfully sit on Bradley Cooper’s lap during one of Jessica’s parties. The acclaimed actress also chatted about drinking a lot of Bourbon while she portrayed country singer Tammy […]

January 2, 2022 George & Tammy Projects Stills

I added to the gallery the first photo from George & Tammy featuring Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon.

November 25, 2021 355 Articles Projects Stills

Jessica Chastain is hard to pin down. Her filmography so far includes sci-fi (Interstellar), drama (Scenes From A Marriage), thrillers (Zero Dark Thirty) and horror (Mama) – but with last year’s Ava and upcoming film The 355, she’s carving out a corner for herself as an action heroine. A stylish spy movie with a stellar cast that also includes Lupita […]