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I added a lot of missing events from 2010, and also additional HQ pictures of already added events. Check it:

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I’m currently working on sorting to upload some pictures of old events Jessica has added. Some will be pretty new, and some will be HQ sized of already added pictures. To start, two brand new events we didn’t had in the gallery, from 2008 and 2009:

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I added to our gallery some promotional stills, posters, behind the scenes and trailer screencapturs of Jessica’s films, including some Michelle was about to add. There’s more to be added, but it’s a start.

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As you can see, we have a new layout up. Michelle asked me to do something and this pictures Jessica did for Flaunt are too beautiful to be wasted, they deserved a layout. The gallery was also covered with a matching layout. Please report us any error you may find.

We’re planning more updates such a icon and video archives, so please come back to see our updates.

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Jessica Chastain has described her Tree of Life co-star Brad Pitt as “a normal guy”.

In an interview with PopSugar, the actress recalled the experience of working with Pitt, admitting that she was amazed by his ability to slip out of character and back into real life once the cameras stopped rolling.

“The great thing about him is he could play that character and then soon as the roll was out, he was fun, nice, sweet Brad, throwing the football with the boys out in the yard, and asking me, ‘What kind of music do you like? That’s one thing I’m out of touch with right now is music’. He’s a normal guy,” she explained.

She went on to say that Pitt’s approach to the craft of acting allowed for the pair to discover new emotional elements to the story which did not appear in the script.

“Working with Brad, an actor who is open to being spontaneous and emotional and inventive and really listens to the other person, you can have moments like that. When someone comes in and they plan what they’re going to do, you don’t get those accidents,” she said.

The Tree of Life was recently awarded with the coveted Palm d’Or prize at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.


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I added a few more HQ pictures of Jessica in the Tree of Life press conference.

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Tonight was the premiere of “Tree of Life” at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in L.A. I added the first batch of pictures, some in HQ, to the gallery. Also, pictures of the movie’s press conference, done last May 20th, were also added.

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I added to the gallery promotional stills, wallpapers, posters and trailer screencaptures of “Tree of Life”. Check it:

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Jessica attended yesterday the Oakley Learn To Ride Motocross in Lake Perris, California. I added 28 mq photos to the gallery, and she looks really pretty!

Edit: Replaced some of the pictures for HQ sized.

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Jessica Chastain may be the busiest actress in Hollywood people haven’t heard of yet. With as many as half a dozen films rolling into theaters in the coming months, she’s about to become famous fast.

A veteran stage actress, Chastain’s big-screen career has been largely in a holding pattern, with only two of the 11 films she’s made in the past four years released so far.

That changes Friday as the Cannes Film Festival winner – Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life,” in which she co-stars with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn – opens theatrically after a long delay while the director continued to tinker with the film.

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You may not know Jessica Chastain yet, but you’re about to. She has two films in Cannes – thriller Take Shelter and Terrence Malick’s loooong anticipated The Tree Of Life.

Total Film caught up with her to talk Malick, Brad Pitt and being almost famous…


On her character, Mrs O’ Brien…

“She’s the perfect mother. She sort of represents the unattainable; she’s the kind of mother I would love to be. She’s the embodiment of grace and compassion, of putting others before yourself.

I’m a similar character in Take Shelter. So I’m playing two good mothers in Cannes!”

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Jessica has been at Cannes for “Tree of Life” and I’ve added some events to the gallery. She looked absolutely stunning as always. Thanks to my friend Holly for the HQ photos.

64th Cannes Film Festival – “Tree of Life” Premiere

64th Cannes Film Festival – “Tree of Life” Photocall

64th Cannes Film Festival – “Tree of Life” Press Conference