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- Posted on June 28, 2012

Still going with the site merging, added now screen captures of “The Debt” DVD screen captures. Check it: Films > The Debt (2011) > DVD Featurette: The Berlin Affair Films > The Debt (2011) > DVD Featurette: A Look Inside The Debt

- Posted on November 30, 2011

I added 1087 high quality screen captures of Jessica as Rachel in the amazing movie “The Debt”. Check it: Films > The Debt (2011) > Screencaptures

- Posted on September 1, 2011

A few months ago, she was unknown. Now she’s ubiquitous. Jessica Chastain isn’t yet a household name, but the 30-year-old California native and Julliard graduate has turned 2011 into a remarkable cinematic coming-out party. It started with Terrence Malick’s adventurous “The Tree of Life,” in which she played Brad Pitt’s wife and the ultimate nurturing […]

- Posted on August 23, 2011

Jessica did a great interview to NY Magazine Vulture about The Debt, and she also took the opportunity to talk about the most recent news about Sean Penn lot liking “Tree of Life”. I feel like that comment might have been taken out of context, or mistranslated (…) I was misquoted as saying my weight […]

- Posted on August 23, 2011

Jessica attended last night the New York screening for “The Debt”. You can find the first batch of pictures up at the gallery: Appearances & Events > 2011 > “The Debt” New York Screening – August 22th, 2011 Edit: More 44 mq pictures was added.

- Posted on August 17, 2011

Jake, the Movie Guy did an interview with actors of “The Debt” Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington and Jessica Chastain. Jess part starts around 5:00 min.

- Posted on August 16, 2011

Some additional 23 HQ promotional stills from “The Debt” are now up in the gallery. Check it: Films > The Debt (2011) > Promotional Stills