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Jessica is on cover of WSJ Magazine, in its February issue. With the interview, made to promote Molly’s Game, there’s also a beautiful photoshoot by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen. Alongside Chastain, the magazine also has quotes from Molly Bloom herself, Aaron Sorkin, Idris Elba and Melissa Silverstein, founder of Women and Hollywood, an initiative that advocates for gender equity in the entertainment industry and named Chastain as a co-chair for its 10th anniversary celebration last fall. Chastain also talks about gender equality on this great interview.

Chastain is a strong advocate for gender equity in Hollywood, where women have routinely suffered egregious disparities in pay as well as other forms of power and representation. “I’m not taking jobs anymore where I’m getting paid a quarter of what the male co-star is being paid,” Chastain said last year. “Women need to step forward and demand they’re fairly compensated for their work.”

But when she started speaking out, first about equality issues and then about the sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood, she was afraid her assertiveness might damage her career—a concern that made her Golden Globe nomination doubly meaningful. “To be honest, I’m mainly surprised,” she told the New York Times in December. “I have a lot of fear, thinking that if I speak my mind…am I going to be made to disappear in my industry?”

We have the article added in our press archive (please give us link back if reposting) and the photoshoot added in our gallery. Scans of the magazine will be added when if available.

Photoshoots from 2018 > 005 – The Wall Street Journal

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