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Jessica and director Aaron Sorkin are part of The Wrap Actors/Directors/Screenwriters issue and they did a great interview to talk about Molly’s Game. On it, Aaron talks on how Harvey Weinstein made the film ‘surprisingly relevant’. Also, Jessica talked about what made her do the movie.

Did the political aspect of this have a lot to do with why you wanted to do it?
CHASTAIN Do you know who I am? [Laughs]

Well, yes, I do.
Absolutely. The major reason, of course, was to work with Aaron. But when I got the script, I was just blown away by the story he was going to tell. Molly, for me, is a representation of every woman. Any time one demographic is in control of the livelihood of a minority or a group of people, there are going to be abuses of power. And so reading the script, I really felt like, “Here is this person who sees me.”

And also, because you brought it up, I will say that after that article came out in the New York Times, I was very vocal about retweeting and doing whatever I could to support these women [who spoke out]. And Aaron was the very first person who sent me an email telling me that he was proud of me.

The industry didn’t run toward me with open arms and say, “Good for you.” It’s a scary thing to start to amplify the voices of the victims who are calling out people in Hollywood. And Aaron was the first one who sent me an email.

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