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Jessica is featured in today’s issue of Grazia Daily Cannes (France). We have added the photoshoot outtakes and digital magazine scans in our gallery. You can find the interview (translated via Google Translator) below.

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Her history with Cannes is beautiful. Discovered in 2011 in “The Tree of Life”, the actress returns as a member of the jury.

What kind of jury members are you?
I do not like to argue, and I’m never the first to talk in a jury because I need to think about it. But I’m not easily influenced. Once I had time to formulate my opinion, it’s very difficult to change.

What do you expect from this selection?
I want to be surprised. I like movies to invent a new language of cinema. When I saw “Mommy” here three years ago, I was amazed by what Xavier Dolan had done: film in 4/3 and enlarge the frame. The films are magical, I want to feel this magic.

You have since toured with him, and he was a member of the jury in 2015. Have you discussed this?
Yes, it’s funny, he sent me a message yesterday to tell me it was the best time of his life and to enjoy it. And warned me that we would never have dinner until 10:30 pm, that I was going to sleep a little, but that it was going to be fine. When I wrote this tweet to him after seeing Mommy, I did not imagine that a friendship would ensue and I can not wait for people to discover what he did with The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, his first Film in English. This meeting changed my life, and it was thanks to the Cannes Film Festival.

Do you hope to meet someone in particular?
I take my role as a juror very seriously, it is a real responsibility. I have friends competing, and if I see them, I will obviously greet them, but I want to keep a distance. What excites me the most is the other members of the jury. A real cohesion formed immediately. I am looking forward to spending these ten days with them, they are all artists, and I know I will learn a lot from them.

What does the Cannes Film Festival mean to you?
Every time I come here, it’s like I’m coming home. When I first came in 2011, none of my films had ever been released in theaters, and The Hollywood Reporter had taken a picture of Elizabeth Olsen and me for their cover, where they were presented as the new faces the cinema. Six years later, I am a member of the jury and I did the same cover, with Isabelle Huppert this time. My life has changed so much, I owe a lot to this festival. He can ask me everything!

May 20, 2017   Lindsey