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Jessica Chastain, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Allison Pill are featured on January issue of Glamour Magazine, in a talk about what they learned playing women who run Miss Sloane.

The idea of putting conviction over personal ambition comes up a lot in this film. Can you relate, Chastain?
I no longer think in terms of, Ooh this is a great role and what is it going to do for – actually, I’ve never really thought about what something is going to do for my career. But you listen to your agents who say, “This is a really great thing for you.” I spent a lot of the last five years on a set, and every once in a while you take stock of your life and look at what you’re doing. Now I just want to do what I feel is right in my heart. I want to be involved in a story that makes difference.

Do you think men and women will react differently to this film?
My gentleman friend was so excited by it… he was on the edge of his sit.
Alison Pill: True badassery has no gender

Check digital scans added in our gallery, so you can read the full interview until we transcript it.

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