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Jessica is gracing the cover of November “C Magazine” issue, as part of Miss Sloane promotion. On the interview, she discusses about how she mantain her privacy. Check some excerpts:

On maintaining her privacy: “In this industry you can set your own privacy. If I go to certain restaurants with my boyfriend I know we’re going to get photographed. But when the public is involved in your relationship…they can demand or ask questions because they feel like they have an ownership of it, because you sold it. That means they have a say in your private life.”

On what she looks for in a role: “My experience with making movies is that I want to walk away from each role, and each set, having learned something and grown as a person. That’s really important for me when choosing a role: What am I going to learn and what am I going to gain from this experience?”

On her role in Miss Sloane: “She’s got shades of gray in there, which is what I love. She’s very flawed.”

To read more, go to MagazineC.com. The issue will be available on November 1st, and you can expect scans asap.

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