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Entertainment Weekly has on its Fall Movie Preview the first look of Jessica as Elizabeth Sloane in the gun control drama ‘Miss Sloane‘.

On it, Jessica talks a bit about the gun control issue:

“Gun control is divisive because some people are immediately afraid that it’s a kind of confiscation. And people who hear that in regards to this film will think it’s a plant to move them in one direction. It’s not.”

In preparation for her role as one of those people, Chastain met with 11 female lobbyists of all ideological stripes in Washington, and found a constant thread among them. “They all had to work harder than their [male] counterparts,” she says. For an actress who’s appeared in an average of four movies per year since 2011, that sounds like a natural fit.

But burnout, Chastain explains, is easier to avoid when you’re apathetic. “I think people reach burnout sooner when they’re working on things that don’t mean anything to them.” Certainly in the case of Miss Sloane, that’s not a charge you’d want to lobby against her.

Check in our gallery the HQ digital scan of EW issue, as well the first promotional images and the poster.

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