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A new interview was published this weekend on Madame Figaro website, in which Jessica talks about being the new Piaget international ambassador. She also talked about feminism, and you can read the (web translated) interview below.
Also, the two HQ Piaget promotional images are now added in our gallery.

Jessica Chastain: “Each role devours me from within”

The unclassifiable icon has emerged in Hollywood with radical choices. In real life, the flamboyant ambassador for Piaget advocates for women and fervently supports the candidacy of Hillary Clinton to the White House. Meet the hyperactress.

True incendiary bomb ticking, Jessica Chastain was a winding path before exploding with Zero Dark Thirty, a film that has permanently installed at the top of the Hollywood pyramid. Now inevitable, she appeared in Interstellar and A Most Violent Year, two surprises of 2014. The autumn 2015 promises to be as exciting with Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak, and Ridley Scott’s The Martian. But this curious and Francophile eternal claimed also takes the time to breathe in other lands. Became the muse for Yves Saint Laurent perfume Manifesto, she was recently appointed international ambassador for Piaget Possession ring for her, created in 1990 and revisited this year (to discover in the new flagship Piaget, 7, rue de la Paix ). So, Paris is the city of his elective affinities. Installed in following an elegant, Jessica Chastain received us smiling because she knows that France returns his affection hundredfold.

Madame Figaro. – What do you like about the French brands?
Jessica Chastain. – I like all French culture. And it is a great honor to have been chosen to represent the Piaget Possession ring. I love it. For as long as I wear rings, I have always been part of those who turn them constantly. And it’s amazing how well it lends this ring – it’s a real toy! It relaxes me, it’s like a talisman that I can not part with it.

What did you do during your visit to Paris?
I attended the Givenchy fashion show with Isabelle Huppert. We shot together in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, and since we are close. Isabelle is my muse, my inspiration.

Will he other women who arouse such admiration at home?
My grandmother. She has always lived according to his choice and was the first to make me understand that I was not obliged to enter into a box or to conform in any way whatsoever.

Your hair flamboyance is one of your singularities. Does it affect your sensibility?
I read in a scientific journal that redheads should take stronger doses of anesthetic for surgery. If we are more sensitive to pain, perhaps we are more sensitive to pleasure? Or just sensitive?

This hypersensitivity she sometimes makes you suffer?
Each role devours me from within and costs me a part of me, though I manage to distance myself. My emotions are exposed, my soul is tortured and I need time to recover. In Crimson Peak, I was playing a dark character, the opposite of what I am. So I doubted my ability to be able to play such a role I forced myself to go as far as possible, and I finished the movie totally depressed.

What did you think of the speech of Patricia Arquette, on the evening of the Oscars, demanding equal pay for women?
I found it great. In the movie, people jealously guard their territory and 75% of the films are based on a male leader. This is a huge imbalance. But unequal opportunities and wages is the same in all sectors. And if one is not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem! Martin Luther King said: “Together we can end despair and build a world offering the same opportunities to everyone. “So I also actively campaigning to change that.

Would you like Hillary Clinton as president?
This would have tremendous repercussions. When we see the number of countries headed by women, I am shocked that there has never been a female leader in the United States. But we are far behind many things … In 1960, astronaut positions were denied to Americans because it was “against the social order.” In 1963, the Russians sent a woman into space, and it took twenty years for the United States to do it too.

In fact, you are totally feminist …
Absolutely. I campaign for the rights of women but also for men, especially for those fathers who are neglected by the US judicial system. A feminist believes in equal rights for all.

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