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The current issue of Total Film is dedicated to Sci-Fi movies and it has a quick look on Interstellar. Sadly there’s no much info different than we already saw (the article is based on the trailer), but let’s hope they do a huge coverage when the film is about to be released. They also interviewed Jessica while in Cannes about Eleanor Rigby and Interstellar, and they have a few quotes from her.

What attracted you to Eleanor Rigby?
I read the script and was very moved by it, and when Ned Benson asked me to play Eleanor, I said: ‘I’d like to know more about her, I think also we need something about the female perspective.” I much prefer the long version of it (Him & Her), but I prefer the long version of anything. In the US it’s going to be released both ways.

What can you say about Interstellar?
Christoper Nolan is brilliant. He’s like the captain of the ship. One thing I think people will be surprised about Interstellar is it’s more emotional than you would expect it to be. It’s very warm. I like the idea of people going in and having no idea what it’s about and hopefully being surprised, and moved.

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