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Jessica did an interview yesterday to USA Today, in which they talked about the bizarre event from Friday night, in which an Ukrainian prankster journalist dove under America Ferrera’s gown on the red carpet.

Chastain was not fazed as she joined her co-stars for the The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them, which is part of the official Cannes festival.

“I could fit five Ukrainian journalists in my dress,” Chastain told USA TODAY before taking to the red carpet.

Chastain has a special place in her heart for the glamorous Cannes carpet. She considers her first trip up the famous stairs three years ago for The Tree of Life her first true carpet experience.

“It was really scary at first, but now I love it,” said Chastain. “It feels like a second home to me, this festival.”

She took special care to choose her blue Versace gown to reflect the Cannes spirit. “It was inspired by dresses of the 1950s but made with a modern edge,” she said.

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