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Jessica is featured in the current issue (January 31) of Rolling Stone to promote “Zero Dark Thirty”. The scans are added in our gallery and we added the transcript in our press archive.

Up close with ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Oscar favorite Jessica Chastain

Even now, Jessica Chastain can summon up Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s face. “KSM, Abu Faraj, all of them – they’re still there, in my head,” she says. It’s December morning, and the actor is recalling a technique she used to enter the obsessive brain of Maya, the CIA operative Chastain plays in Katheryn Bigelow’s Osama bin Laden thriller, Zero Dark Thirty: During shooting, Chastain hun “photocopied, grainy pictures” of Al Qaeda members on the walls of her hotel room, forcing herself to live with the faces the way her character does. “I approached it was ‘It takes a fantastic to catch a fantastic,’” she says.

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