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As Brad Pitt said, admiringly, of Jessica Chastain: “Seven pictures in 2011 and five in 2012. Usually an actor has to work in the porn industry to have that kind of success.”

Al Pacino called Jessica Chastain an “Acting Prodigy“. Indeed, few actors get her share of opportunities and with those kinds of directors before the public even knows who they are. People STILL don’t know who she is.

So there she is on the red carpet, about to receive the Spotlight Award, and everyone wants to talk to her, and Gary Oldman interrupts her interview with Matte Babel and ET Canada, right next to me, to tell her, with both hands on her shoulders, looking sincerely into her eyes (not in a pervy way) that he thinks she’s lovely and how much he enjoys her work…

This is, literally, 15 seconds after she just told Matte that Gary Oldman was someone she really wanted to meet.

That sweet girl, can you imagine? Of course she burst into tears and had to collect herself. And then she came to talk to me. And she was still really emotional and we gave her some tissue and she kept saying to me she couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t believe that just happened, and that she had no idea, and the tears kept coming, and it was adorable, really, really adorable, and probably one of the most genuine moments I’ve ever seen in Hollywood and I wonder if this will change her, this season of awards, as she’s expected at every show, at every event, I wonder if at some point it will get old. Adrien Brody seemed interested in hanging out with her that night. God Jessica, please God no.

You can see the videos here and here. Completely ADORABLE!

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