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“Take Shelter” final poster has been released, and it’s beautiful.

Starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain, the film follows is a man whose life slowly becomes consumed by his belief that a deadly, apocalyptic storm is on the way. A psychological slow-burn that doubles as a parable about the difficult times that face working class Americans today (seriously), Jeff Nichols film is breathless and invigorating, intellectually deep and emotionally resonant in a way that few thrillers or dramas of this sort ever are. It marks another great outing between Nichols and Shannon who paired up for the absolutely great “Shotgun Stories” which as always, we urge you to Netflix ASAP. As for the new poster for “Take Shelter,” don’t fear, this is not a redux of “The Birds.” The winged creatures are part of the visions that Shannon’s character in the film witnesses as he struggles to grasp what’s real and what’s fantasy.

“Take Shelter” will begin rolling into cinemas starting on September 30th and you should put it pretty high on your list of all movies. (The Playlist)

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