Character: Salomé
Directed by: Al Pacino
Written by: Al Pacino, Oscar Wilde (play)
Produced by: Robert Fox, Barry Navidi
Other cast: Al Pacino, Kevin Anderson, Ralph Guzzo, Roxanne Hart, Phillip Rhys, Steve Roman, Joe Roseto, Jack Stehlin
Release date: August 10, 2013
Genre: Drama
Running time: 1h 21min

At a birthday feast for King Herod, his stepdaughter, Princess Salomé, discovers the imprisoned John the Baptist and is immediately infatuated with him. Rebuffed by the prisoner, Salomé entices her lecherous stepfather with the promise of completing the erotic "Dance of the Seven Veils" if the King will grant her one wish. Herod agrees to any wish to have his desire sated. Following the dance, Salomé demands the head of John the Baptist.


→ Her Passion, His Obsession.