Les Echo Séries Limitée

Interview by Frédérique Dedet to Les Echo Séries Limitée (December 2018)

The American star is close to start shooting “Seducing Ingrid Bergman”,”355″, “The Good Nurse” … and as just finished the last take of “Eve” (Tate Taylor thriller), she made a short stay in Paris. The luminous ambassador of Piaget House responded very favorably to our questionnaire.

Do you speak French?
No, finally a little, but as I married an Italian and I learn his language I mix a little both!

You are the world ambassador for Piaget. Are jewelry important to you?
A jewel is like a work of art. You have to have an emotional connection with it because you go to see it every day. I love the energy and history of stones [she wears a Piaget necklace from the high-end jewelry collection ‘Secrets & Lights’, in white gold set with 395 diamonds and 1 oval spinel].

What do you like about Piaget at this house?
It’s an iconic brand and a home that has the same values ??as me. It is a company that has the key word of innovation but which relies on its history and its links with icons of the twentieth century: Jackie Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot … It is an eternal mark .

What are your favorite pieces?
I have one to which I am particularly attached: my alliance, Possession.

What are your bedside books?
Essentially the scenarios of my next movies.

What is your daily ritual?
In my life every day is different. My only routine is to wait to be surprised!

How to define your style of dress?
My daily style is very simple. I do not necessarily want to attract attention. I wear a lot of black blazer and scarves.

In your fridge, we always find …
Kombucha, a yeast-based sweet drink and Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish made from chillies and lacto-fermented vegetables. I love probiotics.

What is the last thing you liked and bought?
Many cashmere sweaters, we entered the winter!

The last album you downloaded?
I do not download anything, I am an addict of Spotify and I love discovering new artists.

Where are you happiest?
At home.

Where is it?
In New York, where I live with my husband.

What apps do you use on your smartphone?
Those for audiobooks.

Who are your heroes / heroines?
Oprah [Winfrey].

Do you know when playing a scenario if the movie will be good?
No, not necessarily, but I know if I will like to play the character and work with the team.

An object you never separate from?
My jukebox.

If you did not practice acting, what would you like to be?