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InStyle (German) – November 2012

Actress Jessica Chastain (The Help), reveals why she was knurled earlier, why does vegan food machine and why she held hands with Brad Pitt.

During the presentation of the new YSL Manifesto fragrance in the elegant “Hotel de Behague” in Paris Jessica Chastain looks a bit nervous. 2011, the American was indeed identical with seven films (including “The Tree of Life”, “The Hep”) to the cinema and some celebrities, but this is her first major endorsement deal. Carefully, she goes in a black YSL dress in the spotlight down the steps into the foyer, where the press is waiting for dinner to them. She gets a mic in hand, welcomes all polite smiles and insecure as a little girl. On next day, during an interview at the Hotel Royal Monceau, the 35-year-old reveals why.

They had yesterday almost feel that you have become a bit red…
I felt so insecure. It was a glamorous evening and I wanted to do everything right. You know, from the camera I can hide behind a role as an actress. But yesterday, as the face of the “Manifesto” scent, it was personal to me. I find that difficult. I’m naturally so shy.

They also naturally redheaded?
Yes. My parents and my four siblings aren’t. My granny, who I took to the Oscar, and I are the only redhead in the family.

Were you bullied as a child in school so sometimes?
Often even. Kids can be so mean. I was shy, I was a redhead, my classmates found me funny. My style is not well liked. My hair was cut very short and I was wearing red cowboy boots. I looked really different! And besides I had mascara on the lashes even the eyebrows with mascara (laughs).

For this, you could now run as an adult in Cannes with your “tree of Life” colleague Brad Pitt and Sean Penn hand in hand down the red carpet at Cannes
That was so sweet of them. I trembled with excitement right there and I just took the two into their midst, holding each hand and whispered: ‘Smile, Jessica, simply smile!’

What counts, except a smile, even your beauty secrets?
50th sunblock factor I have very sensitive skin and easily get freckles. And I swear on argan oil for hair, they do not dry out. What I also love are toiletries by Kiehl’s, Nars Rouge, so I seem not quite so pale, and my red YSL lipstick, number 203, which I used yesterday. The once thought to apply the whole night without eating to land on the teeth.

As lean as you are, you eat but not too much, right?
(Laughs) Yes! But I drink only occasionally a glass of wine and eat very healthy, my latest vegan. I make such great mushroom risotto and desserts such as pickled pear or sweet potato and soy ice cream.

And how do you keep fit?
With yoga. I walk a lot with my dog ??in Los Angeles walk by the sea, this takes because Charlie has only three legs. He was struck by the car as a puppy. Well, now he’s just a bit different. We probably understand us so well!