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Dec 5, 2017
Jessica attends ‘Molly’s Game’ Madrid Premiere
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Jessica was looking amazing on the red carpet of Molly’s Game premiere on Monday night (Dec 4) at Callao Cinema in Madrid, Spain. She wore a swoon-worthy Ralph Lauren Collection evening dress, joined by amazing Piaget jewelry..

On her Instagram, she shared a cute photo of her travel company: her mom! Jerri Chastain will be accompanying Jess in Europe!

Traveling through Europe with my Mama @mollysgamemovie press tour ????

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Check in our gallery the first batch of pictures, with more to come later:

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Dec 4, 2017
Molly’s Game Madrid Photocall
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Jessica attended earlier this morning a photocall for Molly’s Game in Madrid, starting the European part of the movie promotion. We have some pictures added in our gallery.

Appearances & Events > 2017 > Dec 04 | Molly’s Game Madrid Photocall
Dec 1, 2017
Actors on Actors: Jessica Chastain and Holly Hunter
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Last month Jessica and Holly Hunter took part of Variety’s Actors on Actors. Variety finally released the full (or the almost 30 min length video) of her interview, which you can watch below.

On the announcement, however, they misquoted Jessica on one of the conversation’s subject, who lead Jessica to point it on her twitter:

The seventh season of Variety‘s “Actors on Actors,” presented by Google Home, will air from Jan. 2 to Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. on PBS SoCal KOCE.

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Nov 29, 2017
Jessica Chastain: “I won’t be paid a third less than my male co-stars”
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Jessica did an interview to Londonian newspaper Evening Standard, as part of Molly’s Game promotion. A excerpt has been published on today’s issue, with the full coming tomorrow on the supplement ES Magazine.

Jessica Chastain accepts she might be blacklisted for her stance on equal pay but feels it’s a risk worth taking.

The actress says she is taking a stand against the gender pay gap in Hollywood, adding: “I’m not going to get paid a third less than my male co-star who has equal experience.

“If you want to blackball me for that then OK, but I won’t participate in the disease.”

I uploaded in our gallery the newspaper scan also the pretty new photo accompanying the article. We’ll provide scans of the magazine as soon it’s released.

Edit: The full interview is up in our press archive. Plus additional pictures added in our gallery and digital scans.

Magazines in 2017 > Nov 27 | London Evening Standard
Photoshoots from 2017 > 036 – ES Magazine
Magazines in 2017 > Dec | ES Magazine
Nov 27, 2017
Jessica attends “The Zookeeper’s Wife” premiere in Japan
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Jessica’s motivation when comes to promote her movies are really something else. She’s at full power promoting Molly’s Game and yet found time to travel to Japan to promote The Zookeeper’s Wife, that will be released next month (December 15).

We have the first pictures added in our gallery, so, enjoy!

2017 > Nov 27 | ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ Premiere In Tokyo
Nov 26, 2017
Marie Claire Taiwan Interview
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While in Taiwan, Jessica made a photoshoot to Piaget (her hair stylist posted on his Instagram a pre-shoot boomerang) and Marie Claire made a behind-the-scenes interview with her, that was now posted in their Youtube Channel. Check it below, and also screen captures in our gallery.

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Nov 25, 2017
54th Golden Horse Awards
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Jessica attended earlier today the Golden Horse Awards — aka Taiwan’s equivalent of the #Oscars — presenting an award alongside Ang Lee.

The ceremony was transmitted live – which I obviously missed – but the user Milener Piano uploaded some videos on Instagram.

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Check in our gallery some pictures added. Hopefully more will surface later.

2017 > Nov 25 | 54th Golden Horse Awards
Nov 19, 2017
BAFTA’s ‘Molly’s Game’ Screening
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Jessica attended a screening of Molly’s Game in New York this Saturday (17). At the BAFTA screening she was joined by Brian d’Arcy James, Jeremy Strong, Bill Camp and director Aaron Sorkin.

She looked stunning in a cobalt blue midi dress by Victoria Beckham, as you can see in the pictures added now at the gallery.

Molly’s Game is at full force on promotion, since it received great reviews and we can expect Jessica do more appearances until its release in select cities on December 25, 2017.

2017 > Nov 18 | ‘Molly’s Game’ BAFTA Screening
Nov 18, 2017
Jessica promotes Molly’s Game at Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show
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Jessica stopped by this Friday night at The Tonight Show for a very funny interview with Jimmy Fallon, as part of the Molly’s Game promotion.

Usually during the interviews, Fallon always shows up some game but tonight they put up a video showing the sexism behind the casting calls.

In a short video segment, Chastain showed up for a casting call in which she was reading for the role of “Angela.” Her lines were simple enough: “Hi, my name’s Angela. It’s nice to meet you.” She read her line to camera and immediately received direction from the casting director (Fallon). “That was great. Can you do that again, but … hot?“, being repeated over and over asking to be more hot, more sexy, more wonder woman, until the end of her audition. She was followed by a male actor, who simply read the line, “Hi, my name is Mike,” to which Fallon’s casting director applauded and said, “Perfect. No notes!” Watch it below:

Chastain has been a vocal advocate for equal pay and has spoken out about misogyny in Hollywood. She addressed facing the issue in her own career during The Hollywood Reporter’s recent Actress Roundtable, saying, “After Zero Dark Thirty, I was sent a lot of scripts where it was a female protagonist, and they wouldn’t do my deal until they knew who the male actor was because they needed to do his deal first and then see what was left over.

I have the entire interview uploaded, which you can watch below. Also check screen captures added to the gallery.

Screencaptures > Talk Shows > Nov 17 2017 | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Appearances & Events > 2017 > Nov 17 | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Nov 18, 2017
MoMA’s Contenders Screening of ‘Molly’s Game’
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Jessica attended a MoMa screening of Molly’s Game this Friday (17) at the Museum of Modern Art’s Department of Film in New York. She was joined by director Aaron Sorkin, Brian d’Arcy James and Jeremy Strong and you can now find pictures in our gallery.

2017 > Nov 17 | MoMA’s Contenders Screening of ‘Molly’s Game’