Jessica attends ‘The Variety Studio’ at Tiff

2014 > Sep 07 | Variety Studio Presented By Moroccanoil At Holt Renfrew

Jessica on “Hamlet”? Cumberbatch says YES!

Benedict Cumberbatch is on TIFF and during an interview to Yahoo Movies, it was mentioned to him that Jessica has Ophelia on her wish-list roles. “I’ve never played Ophelia,” she told Yahoo Movies. “I always thought I’d play Ophelia. And it’s probably not now in my future…it’s a strange thing for theater with actresses, because you kind of grow away

Jessica and James McAvoy on ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ First Heartbreak, and Robin Williams

The Daily Beast has published an amazing interview with Jessica and James McAvoy, to promote The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them. It was, all things considered, a leap of faith. Two years ago, Jessica Chastain, fresh off her Oscar nomination for The Help, and James McAvoy, just after the release of X-Men: First Class, signed on to a sprawling New

Jessica Chastain: ‘I’d love to do a superhero movie’

Jessica did a great interview to The Guardian, specially to promote Salome/Wilde Salome which is going to screen in a double-bill on September 21 at the BFI Southbank in London(For participating cinemas and to buy tickets, visit Check it: This autumn belongs to Jessica Chastain, who stars in four of the season’s Oscar contenders, directed by the likes of

Gallery Update: ‘Miss Julie’ TIFF Premiere

The premiere of ‘Miss Julie’ is currently happening in Toronto, and you can see now the first pictures of Jessica looking gorgeous in Dior: 2014 > Sep 07 | ‘Miss Julie’ Premiere – Arrivals – 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Gallery Update: HFPA & InStyle’s 2014 TIFF Celebration

Jessica arrived yesterday in Toronto, to promote Miss Julie, and attended the InStyle’s annual Toronto Film Festival party with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I have a few pictures of her, looking amazing, in our galleryg: 2014 > Sep 06 | HFPA & InStyle’s 2014 TIFF Celebration – Arrivals – 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Gallery Update: Deauville Opening Dinner

2014 > Sep 05 | Opening Dinner Party At The Casino Lucien Barriere – 40th Deauville American Film Festival

Interview: ‘I Was Shocked and Scared’

The Oscar-nominated actress and her director, Ned Benson, tell TheWrap about final edits to the acclaimed film When it was first suggested that the theatrical release of the unique, twin-experience of “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: His and Her” might require a distillation of two complementing films into a more traditional single narrative release, Jessica Chastain was less than pleased.

Photos: 40th Deauville American Film Festival

Pictures of Jessica at the opening ceremony of Deauville Festival is now up. Appearances & Events > 2014 > Sep 05 | Opening Ceremony – 40th Deauville American Film Festival

First Look: Deauville Festival

As announced a while ago, Jessica is currently at the Deauville Festival for a tribute. Through her successive roles, (Chastain) has confirmed her emotional capacity to grab the limelight like no one since Nicole Kidman, and the Festival presented her with its “New Hollywood” award.(…) We salute her grace and talent, and the beauty of the truth she brings to