2011 was Jessica Chastain’s breakout year on the big screen and on the red carpet. Thanks to the release of The Help and its Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination, her wardrobe received an A-list worthy overhaul resulting in an endless stream of big-name designer dresses. Favouring Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Armani Prive, her classic glamour choices show off a flawless complexion and svelte silhouette.

Jessica works with stylist Elizabeth Stewart and says, “She is wonderful because she’s a stylist who dresses her clients for them and not for her. I don’t really care about making everyone happy with my fashion choices. With Elizabeth, it’s always more than just a pretty dress. It speaks to something.”

See what Jessica has to say about her red carpet choices:

I can’t choose one favourite designer! I play so many different kinds of women that I feel the same way about how I dress. I would never want to wear one style for the rest of my life.

[On her burgeoning relationship with designers] Inow have more access, which is amazing,. I’ve always wanted to wear stuff like this, I’ve just never been given the access. That’s what has changed for me.

[On which style she follows] I’m not a model, and everything looks better when you’re six feet tall and you’re gorgeous and rail thin. On the runway, everything looks better. I can’t do [some] outfits justice, so I will not go there.

[On her Cannes yellow dress] I never go in blind, I always think about what I want to convey at that moment in time. When I went to Cannes, I felt like finally I’m having a movie come out after years of working so I told my stylist that I wanted to wear something that looked like sunshine and my Zac Posen dress looked like rays of light. So I narrow things down through an emotional reaction. Then once I decide on a dress, I have that dress and a back-up because you never know! I always love my back-up too so I try to wear that another time.

[On her Golden Globes Givenchy dress] I love this gown, because it combines elements of old Hollywood with lots of modern bits, like the zipper down the back goes to the floor and the metal gold belt is a real modern touch, too. I love these shiny little stones all over it! I’ve really come to love fashion throughout this whole process this year. And you know why? Because changing the way you look is like changing for a role — you change your whole personality every time. It’s all emotion in the end! I wouldn’t want to play the same kind of part all the time, and I don’t want to repeat a look. I’m very calm right now, and I think it’s because I’m wearing this dress. I’m sure I’ll start shaking again when I’m inside the Hilton ballroom, but right now, I’m very calm. That’s the power of a dress.

[On her McQueen dress at the Oscar]There was something about the embroidery of this dress, it felt larger than life — and this is a larger-than-life moment. I always wanted to be an actor. Most little girls dream of their wedding dresses; I grew up dreaming of my Oscar dress.

[On the McQueen dress she was wearing at the Vanities party] It wasn’t really that tough of a thing to pick out. It was more of a shock to me that they let me wear it.

Check below some Jessica’s choices for red carpet through the years. Hover over the picture for the event’s name, and click the picture to be taken to the corresponding gallery album for more pictures.

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