Jessica Chastain: Hollywood’s Most Versatile Star

Vogue has released the photos Jessica did for her December cover shoot, and it looks amazing! All pictures are based on famous paintings like Félix Vallotton’s 1924 Le Retour de la Mer, Anders Zorn’s 1899 portrait of Frances Folsom Cleveland, Vincent van Gogh’s La Mousmé or René Magritte’s La Robe du Soir. You can find the pictures in our gallery,

Gallery Update: People Photoshoot

While we wait for Toronto Festival to start (and finally see some new Jess pictures around) I have a great update today. Added 18 HQ pictures of that photoshoot Jessica did to People magazine earlier this year. Check it: Photoshoots & Portraits > Photoshoots from 2013 > 008 – People

Additional ‘Madame Figaro’ Pictures

I have added some gorgeous new pictures (and also the same ones we already have but in color) of that beautiful photoshoot Jess did to Madame Figaro. Check it: Photoshoots & Portraits > Photoshoots from 2013 > 011 – Madame Figaro

Marie Claire Additional Outtakes

We added a few additional outtakes of Jessica’s Marie Claire photoshoot she did last year. Photoshoots from 2012 > 008 – Marie Claire

New photos added

Additional pictures of a portrait session Jessica did last year to THE WRAP was added to the gallery. I loved the only picture I was able to find back in time, and I’m glad to see more pics from this set. Check it: Photoshoots & Portraits > Photoshoots & Portraits > Photoshoots from 2012 > 015 – The Wrap

Gallery Update: New Photoshoot

I added a new photoshoot Jessica did while promoting ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, thanks to Annie. Photoshoots & Portraits > Session 075

Jessica Chastain gets her character in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

As the overstressed beating heart of “Zero Dark Thirty,” a CIA analyst named Maya who relentlessly chases after the hated phantom that was Osama bin Laden, Jessica Chastain is at times steely, at times shattered, potty-mouthed but somehow girlish, touchingly lonely but scrutinized by the entire spy agency’s hierarchy. To get to her character’s essence, Chastain used her preferred technique,

She’s Every Woman

V Magazine released some pictures of their January cover featuring our girl, and the pics are amazing! Check it in our gallery, plus the article in our press archive: Photoshoots & Portraits > Session 074 Acting is about the art of reinvention and transforming oneself into a character. To become someone else—to lose oneself in the guise of another—is, in

Jessica covers GQ UK magazine

Dear lord… Jessica Chastain strips down the January 2013 issue of GQ UK Mag. Despite sizzling in the GQ shoot in leopard print underwear – and no underwear – Jessica said that British people seem to have a major problem with redheads. You Brits are usually so mean to your redheads. Why is that? In America it’s seen as a

Jessica Chastain: Supernova

Marie Claire’s website has published part of the article of their current issue, featuring Jessica on cover. You can read it on our press archive. Also, the beautiful photo shoot can now be found in the gallery: Photoshoots & Portraits > Session 072