Jessica Chastain on Red Carpet Rules & Oscar Nominations

The morning after the BAFTA Awards, you’d think Jessica Chastain would look just a little worse for wear. But no, the redhead is as radiant as ever when Grazia Daily meets her, clad in a black GAP silk shirt, casual jeans, an Alexander McQueen belt and extremely high Jimmy Choos. ‘Just look at these heels! They’re insane!’ Jessica gushed as

The Help’s Jessica Chastain Reveals Her Oscar Date!

Jessica Chastain never stops giving us more reasons to love her. The latest? Her date for the Academy Awards! “I’m bringing my grandma to the Oscars,” the first-time nominee told me at Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture’s Vanities party. “She started crying when I told her. “So, she’s my date,” she continued. “She’s so excited. She’s getting her nails done,

Jessica Chastain Reveals Her $1,000 Bet With Octavia Spencer!

We’re not the only ones getting our Academy Award ballots ready! Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain attended a dinner thrown by Harvey Weinstein in honor of the 40th anniversary of Sir Charlie Chaplin‘s Academy Award at Chateau Marmont Tuesday in Hollywood. Jessica, 30, who looked stunning in a sheer Elie Saab gown (“I can’t move too much or else it will

Oscars 2012 Behind the Scenes: Casting “The Help”

CASTING JESSICA CHASTAIN AS CELIA Chastain was already attached to the 2011 film Texas Killing Fields when Barden and Schnee began working on that movie. But hearing they were starting to cast The Help, her manager sent Barden a copy of Chastain’s 2008 movie Jolene. ”I watched that and really liked what she had done and made special efforts to

Inside the Best Picture Nominees: A deep dive into ‘The Help’

EW’s Pop Watch posted an article about “The Help” into their “Best Picture Nominees” reviews. Why The Help should win Best Picture: It was a smash at the box office, and among all of this year’s nine nominated films, it’s probably the one that most average moviegoers have seen. It’s a much-discussed question: Why shouldn’t the most commercially successful film

Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain has ties to Sacramento stages

Jessica Chastain, up for a supporting-actress Oscar for her performance in “The Help,” once acted on Sacramento stages. Chastain was not available for comment. But her local ties must be acknowledged regardless. This is Sacramento, which claims Tom Hanks because he spent a few years here in the 1970s. A one-time Sacramento Shakespeare Festival performer, Chastain, now in her early

Time 2012 Great Performances: Jessica Chastain

TIME’s annual Oscars portfolio showcases each year’s best performers through a portfolio of striking portraits. Tears, giggles, pranks and emotions ran high, and loads of laughter pealed through the studio during this year’s shoot, which resulted in a series of images and short films photographed and directed by Sebastian Kim. It was our most ambitious Oscars shoot yet. We had

Jessica Chastain Reveals Her ‘Embarrassing’ Encounter with Meryl Streep

Jessica Chastain has a fan base of her own, and it’s only growing with her recent Oscar nod. But her rising star aside, The Help actress – and first-time nominee for her supporting role in the period drama – says she still gets star-struck. “I do it all the time, every time I meet a famous person,” Chastain, 30, tells

Jessica Chastain’s years of work pay off in one big moment

Jessica Chastain’s best disguise these days is to walk around looking exactly like herself. “No one ever recognizes me,” says the actress, who was almost as omnipresent as buttered popcorn in movie theaters last year. Settling in for a vegan lunch at Shutters hotel, with her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail and wearing only light makeup, the redhead

Jessica Chastain: red-hot in Hollywood

Jessica Chastain enters a suite at London’s Dorchester Hotel, the clack of her beige heels announcing her arrival. She’s dressed in a black raincoat and a sleeveless mint-green dress that looks like it once belonged to Jackie Kennedy. Her skin is pale and freckled, her figure trim and slim and her eyes a rare green. But it’s her shoulder-length shock