Jessica Chastain as: Charlotte Ormand
Directed by: Kevin Connor
Screenplay by: Bryce Zabel
Selected Cast: Angus Macfadyen, Mark Umbers, Richard Chamberlain
Running Time: 170min
Release Date: June 17, 2006 (Hallmark Channel)
Genre: Adventure, Biography, Drama
TV Mini-Series

In the Golden Age of Piracy, at the dawn of the 18th century, Blackbeard stood out among the lawless rogues as the most fearsome and notorious seafarer of them all. He killed for the reputation, and his reputation has become legend. Now meet the legend in this cannon-roaring, swashbuckling adventure as one of history’s most notorious cut-throats sails the Caribbean in search of buried treasure in this rousing movie event that follows the infamous pirate captain Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (Angus Macfadyen) as he wreaks havoc on the high seas looking for Captain Kidd’s treasure.

Production Notes

Filming began on July 25, 2005 in Thailand. The town of New Provence was build from scratch on a coconut plantation in a small town in southern Thailand.
This was Jessica’s first movie, though it was made for TV. It aired on Hallmark Channel in three chapters, and later released on DVD by Echo Bridge Entertainment on July 11, 2006.