Dec 7, 2018
Jessica promotes Dark Phoenix in Brazil – Coverage
In X-Men: Dark Phoenix

So, it was a very busy day! Jessica arrived last night in São Paulo, to take part of CCXP 2018 (the Brazilian version of the San Diego Comic-Con), to promote Dark Phoenix alongside Sophie Turner and Simon Kinberg.

We did a huge twitter coverage (follow us on @ChastainNetwork if you still isn’t) with fan photos and videos, and now you can read some bits about the Fox panel.

It started with Jessica live straming the panel via her Instagram, for fans who wasn’t able to be there. She just stopped the live when they were about to stream an exclusive content – 15 minutes of footage, which you can read below under the spoiler box.

Spoilers - Read with caution
The mutants are summoned by the US president for a space mission: to rescue a team of astronauts whose ship encountered problems after being struck by radiation. A team formed by Jean, Storm, Mystic, Beast, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver and Cyclops.

When they get there, they encounter the nearly destroyed spacecraft, but they manage to rescue the astronauts. However, they find that it is still necessary to rescue another person – and Jean has to return with Nightcrawler to keep the ship intact while he carries out the rescue. During the mission, however, she is struck by the mysterious radiation, and absorbs a large amount that would hit the X-Men’s aircraft.

Jean is unconscious in space until she is taken back by Nightcrawler. There, she regains her senses, and asks if everyone is well. Upon returning to Earth, the X-Men are greeted warmly by the American people and Professor Charles Xavier, more than satisfied with the successful mission. Mystic, however, is not very happy. “That girl should be dead,” she says, criticizing Xavier for risking the lives of young mutants in ransom. “It’s always the women who need to save the men. The team should not be called X-Men, but X-Women,” he said.

This is the audience reaction after the footage was wrapped:

Answering the question that everyone is doing, Simon revealed that Dark Phoenix doesn’t have any connection with the MCU universe – despite Disney having bought Fox recently. “There is no connection between them, but Marvel and Kevin are involved in the process and I feel inspired by the work they do. The opportunity we have to see a movie like Black Phoenix is also because the hard work Marvel has been doing“, he said. Sophie Turner also commented on the experience of playing The Phoenix. “I felt very powerful, I loved playing her. It’s the most empowering and challenging thing I’ve ever done. I discovered several things about myself that I didn’t know, just like her. Playing her is pretty amazing,” she said. Then Jessica Chastain also talked about her character, Smith. “She is very strong and encourages Jean to embrace her powers. I fight with all the X-Men in the movie and it was a lot of fun!

Jessica also make very clear – in a live interview she made after the panel – that she accepted to play a part on X-Men because she think its a super hero franchise that portraits women like she think it’s right. And during the panel she talked how much she loves the female characters on the X-Men universe.

I like Jean Gray. As I grew up, I was excited to see the female characters. Do not get me wrong, I like the male characters too, but I wanted to see some women breaking everything. Many people have joked that we are X-Women – mmaybe not our (me and Soph) characters, but the movie focuses on X-Women and I think that’s very good!

Simon said during the panel that “Black Phoenix approaches Logan, but there is a supernatural and cosmic side. It’s like Logan mixed with a production over space.

Sophie Turner delved into the existential issues that her character faces in the movie – and from where, probably, came the comparison of Kinberg with the farewell of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) of the franchise. “She realizes the pain inside her. The movie is about abandonment and looking for a home in a world where it does not fit.

After the panel, Jessica, Sophie and Simon headed to Omelete portal for a live streaming chat. They basically spoke about what was already said during the Fox panel, but out of curiosity, they asked what was their favourite X-Men. Sophie answered her is Magneto. Jessica is Wolverine (and she made sure to mention Hugh’s abs – Jessica being Jessica). Simon mentioned Magneto as well. The live video (still on going with the full day) can be found here and, hopefully, we’ll be able to get only the Dark Phoenix part.

Photos will be added later, if available.