Jan 7, 2018
50’Inside Broadcast presents Jessica Chastain
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While in France last month, as part of her Molly’s Game European tour, Jessica recorded an interview to French show 50’Inside, that was aired yesterday (January 6).

The show was over dubbed in French and screen captures are medium quality, but you can find both in our archives.

Discreet but committed, American actress traces her route away from the big Hollywood show. The story of Jessica Chastain is above all the story of a demanding actress who took a long time to break through, and who now stands out in strong women’s roles and is committed to defending the rights of women. At the beginning of a busy year, with four films on the bill, Jessica Chastain looks back on her career and her life as a woman for 50’Inside. Excerpt from the broadcast of January 6, 2018.

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