Aug 23, 2017
Jessica is featured on Vanity Fair Italy
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Jessica is featured in the latest Vanity Fair Italy issue (dated August 30). The photoshoot is the same used in Elle Span, by Mario Sorenti.
In the interview she talks about her recent marriage with Gian Luca, and also about Miss Sloane. The full translated interview will come later You can find the article translated in our press archive, thanks to my friend Claudia. Huge thanks to my friend Nicole, from Adoring Emilia Clarke, for the scans!

Jessica Chastain is the exception to the rule. Actually she really confirms all the rules about the entertainment world. The one that success inevitably changes you; the one that you pass from a total lack of opportunities in the beginning to having way too many options after and this makes your choice even harder, and sometimes can lead to a real career disaster; that one for which being worshipped, a relentless poison, destroys the reality and brings true talented girls to become excessive and whining divas. It happens to many, but not to Jessica Chastain.

She transitioned rather quickly from the status of pretty unknown actress to a famous star two-times nominated for an Oscar (for The Help and Zero Dark Thirty), but Jessica remains that class mate everyone would like to have: she is positive and bold, strong and cooperative, a woman who looks to the substance rather than the appereance. Not that her appereance is anything less, though. Those red hair, pale skin, the harmonious body, and the front row that all directors, photographers and stylists seem to love, those are all her ID credentials. (Keep reading)

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