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Emma Watson is on the cover of the May issue of Interview magazine, and she was interviewed by none other than Jessica Chastain. On it, she talks about the struggle to live up to her onscreen persona—to become a spokesperson, a role model, for an entire generation of girls—might all be worth it if she can still be herself.

During the interview Jessica talked as well about making mistakes.

That speech (Emma speech at U.N. for the HeForShe gender equality campaign) was such an important moment. I know it must be really stressful when so many people are telling you what is right for you, what you should be doing, but it seems to me that you’ve always listened to yourself and followed what you thought was right. Also, people will love you for your mistakes. I used to be terrified of making mistakes, and now I realize that if I make one, there’s a lot of respect to be earned for throwing yourself 100 percent into something.

It worth reading the whole interview, so, for that, go to InterviewMagazine.com.

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