May 18, 2014
“Interstellar”: Jessica’s Secret Role Revealed
In Interstellar

Everyone knows Christopher Nolan is very mysterious over his projects, and Interstellar wasn’t an exception. Since the very first day not much was revealed about the film, even some members of the cast being interviewed about it (lets remember Anne Hathaway’s interview in Sundance earlier this year). Well, after the trailer being released, some speculations about Jessica’s role has been revealed, as well posted by The Huffington Post:


Jessica plays the Matthew McConaughey’s daughter in the film (You’ll note their red hair and the fact that Chastain is wearing the same coat that McConaughey does earlier in the teaser.) and now speculation is about Casey Affleck playing her brother.

It was also told on Twitter by @Ben Fritz that most of the trailer (presumably Earth parts) are just the first 15 mins of the film, but not a word about if the grown up kids will be on those parts only, or not.

Yeah, as you can see, the secrets are still here. Can’t wait for November!