May 7, 2014
‘Eleanor Rigby: His, Hers and Them’
In The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

Exciting news! Three versions of ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby‘ will be released, instead the combined one only!

The Playlist – When the Cannes Film Festival lineup was revealed last month, there was a curious entry in the Un Certain Regard category: Ned Benson’s “The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby.” It was strange because, last September, the director hit the Toronto International Film Festival with a work-in-progress showing of the project as it was originally conceived—as two films: “The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: His” and “The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Hers”. The Cannes news made us wonder if Harvey Weinstein, who is signed up to distribute the film, had weighed in and kiboshed those original plans. The answer is much more complex, but the good news is, you’ll be able to see all three cuts.

Deadline reports that on September 26th, The Weinstein Company will release the two-hour Cannes cut, the newly-titled “The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Them” into theatres. Then later in the fall, “The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: His” and “The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Hers” will get a limited bow in arthouse theatres.

Ned Benson explained a little bit about the Cannes edition:

“At Toronto, it was this hanging question that lingered. It wasn’t until this year that I saw with my editor and my producing partner Cassandra Kulukundis and then talked with Harvey Weinstein about it, and he gave me the opportunity to see if it an omnipotent version could function as its own film. We got in a room and created the film that will premiere in Cannes.

We added some scenes I loved that I had to cut out, lost other scenes I loved, and used different reaction shots. I didn’t initially have the answer to that Toronto question about a combined version of the film, because I’d never tried it. If I had found that the third version didn’t exist, I would have thrown it away. I made two different films to empower audiences to see the story from two different viewpoints. It’s exciting to give them a choice to see it another way.”

Can we have a trailer now, pretty please??