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SRG Films has set Vicente Amorim to direct Crossface, a feature adaptation of the Matthew Randazzo book Ring Of Hell: The Story Of Chris Benoit And The Fall Of The Pro Wrestling Industry. Amorim, who helmed the Viggo Mortensen-starrer Good, will chronicle the pressures that WWE superstar Chris Benoit faced through his wrestling career and how a lethal combination of drug-use, depression, and head trauma became unbearable for him. In 2007, Benoit murdered his wife and young son before taking his own life. Sarah Coulter wrote the script and production is expected to begin next year.

The news above was reported by Deadline a few days ago. Then our fellow from @TeamChastain gave us a heads up about an article published on Brazilian newspaper O Globo with more details on it – since Carlos Amorim is Brazilian – and in an interview with him, he tell about his desired actresses to play Benoit’s wife Nancy. He wants Jessica Chastain or Rachel McAdams for the part – but no contact has been made so far.

If we get more information, will be posted here.

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