Jun 23, 2013
E! Interview With Marc Malkin
In Interstellar Interviews

While Jessica was in Hawaii for Maui Film Festival, she did an interview to Marc Malkin to E!. I have up both videos with the interview she did and you can watch it by clicking on the thumbnails below.

On this interview she made clear why she’s still not talking about her love life, and also about Interstellar, her next big project.

Sometimes when someone [in the press] asks me about my dating status, I get really quiet about that because I want to protect it. When I’m engaged someday—who knows to who—I’ll probably be more open about it.
Seeing all these interviews with actors talking about loves of their lives and then they break up in a year and you’re thinking, ‘What if something happens and they end up being a total jerk?’. Then you forever have these pictures of you standing on the red carpets together.

About Interstellar, ahe was filming Miss Julie in Northern Ireland when she got the call that Nolan was interested in her.

They put someone on a plane and flew them to Ireland and then drove them two house to my location to hand me the script to read. That’s how secret this movie is. There’s no email. There’s no FedEx. Someone gets on a plane from L.A. and flies to Northern Ireland.

Excited much? Me too!