May 4, 2013
Jessica is Set to Host ‘Cleopatra’ in Cannes
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Almost fifty years ago, Elizabeth Taylor brought the magic and wonder of Cleopatra to film, thanks to her portrayal of the Egyptian goddess in the epic film. Now, in celebration of the anniversary, Cleopatra planned to partner with Bulgari to air the movie at the Cannes Film Festival in full—all four hours and eight minute of it!

In the midst of the millions of dollars and years spent creating the majestic tale two monumentous relationships were created: “Le Scandale” between Taylor and Richard Burton and what would turn into an ongoing partnership between the couple and Bulgari. Her collection of jewels from the Italian house is a wonder to review, cultivated with no expense spared. As Burton famously once said of his beautiful wife, “The only word in Italian she knows is Bulgari.”

In lieu of the beauty that was Taylor, Jessica Chastain has been tapped to host the screening at Cannes, wearing four different pieces by Bulgari during two different scenarios. (Source)