Feb 5, 2013
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno – Video and Screen Captures
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Jessica was guest last night on Jay Leno show, in the same night as Hugh Jackman, to a very nice interview about Zero Dark Thirty and her Oscar nomination.

Jess explained she was unable to make the 2012 luncheon due to rehearsing Zero Dark Thirty in Jordan, but she was excited to be there yesterday.

‘It was a special moment this afternoon when they called my name and I went up – it’s like a class graduation. Hugh helped me up the stairs and I got to stand by him in the picture.’

‘She gave me some great advice actually,’ added Hugh. ‘Because I was standing next to the Oscar statuette, standing there for about three minutes, I said “Jessica, it’s taking all my willpower not to put the bunny ears on the Oscar.”

‘And she said: “That’s hilarious. Don’t do it.”

Watch the interview below, and also screencaptures added to the gallery:

Jessica is guest today at the Ellen Degeneres Show, check back later for video and captures. 🙂