Feb 13, 2013
SEAL Team 6 shooter calls Jessica Chastain’s ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ performance ‘awesome’
In Zero Dark Thirty

Esquire has published an interview with the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden, in a profile that explores how he’s adjusting to civilian life after leaving SEAL Team 6 — despite receiving no pension, healthcare, or extra protection for his family from the U.S. government or the military.

He gave a few hints on what ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ was wrong on its approach to the mission that killed Bin Laden. But he also said what was right: Jessica Chastain’s performance.

The portrayal of the chief CIA human bloodhound, “Maya,” based on a real woman whose iron-willed assurance about the compound and its residents moved a government to action, was “awesome” says the Shooter. “They made her a tough woman, which she is.”

Be sure to read the whole article, it worth it.