Oct 8, 2012
“The Heiress” Fan Review
In The Heiress

A lucky person who attended the opening night for “The Heiress” just left a review over Broadway World forum:

I was there and really enjoyed it. The Heiress is a very slow burn; if you’ll pardon the analogy it’s like edging yourself for three hours: a pleasurable journey of teasing and taunting with a guaranteed big payoff.

(…)I’ll warn upfront that I’m a crazy Chastain fan. I was worried though- what if all her brilliant film performances don’t translate to the stage? Could she deliver live? The answer is a resounding yes. She is the real deal.

Act One: awkward, shy, clumsy, naive, trusting, loving. It’s all the more juicy knowing that she’s going to get to really have some fun in Act Two. The first scene in Act Two when her father really lays into her was terrifying. I couldn’t even pay attention to David Strathairn. I could only watch Chastain’s face as she reacted to his cruel words. A click went off and her character wasn’t going to be the same again. The following scene at night when everything came crashing down finally sent her over the edge enough to deliver the final vindictive acts. Is this where the phrase “revenge is a dish best served cold” come from?

(…)I definitely want to see this again. It’s one of the strongest offerings of this season so far. I hope The Heiress marks the beginning of a long, long stage career for Chastain.