May 12, 2012
Sissy Spacek: Jessica Chastain is one of my favourites
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Daily Times Pakistan published today an interview with the amazing actress Sissy Spacek (The Help), in which she speaks about her career, film roles for women and building a career.

One of the questions was about the current actress she likes. Check her answer:

Which current actresses do you like? Whom you think you influenced?
I’ve no idea who I’ve influenced. I worked with so many wonderful young actresses on ‘The Help’. Jessica Chastain is one of my favourites. She’s been phenomenal in so many different films. Emma Stone is a wonderful comedienne and just a whip-smart girl. Felicity Jones is a favourite of mine. I love Amy Adams. It’s a tricky thing to build a career. I feel for young actresses. The industry just kind of gobbles them up and it doesn’t give them much breathing room. Sometimes you see a wonderful performance and then they disappear. We as a society are kind of like piranha. We gobble things up.