Apr 11, 2012
Vogue Italia – Behind the Scenes video
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Vogue Italia website has finally released the behind-the-scenes video of Jessica’s photoshoot! You can also find an english version of the article.

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t able to watch the video here. For now, you can click here to be directed to their page. As soon I can find the embed link, the video will be posted here.

I have always known I wanted to be an actress, but my New York experience made me realize that my desire had nothing to do with becoming famous or making money, I was interested in exploring the human soul, its complexity, I wanted to work to understand something about life and myself. Being an actress means being in another person’s shoes and therefore understanding what the person whose role you play feels; but also connecting with other human beings, as a mark of profound professional intimacy, that often touches the soul.

edit: Here’s the video, plus screen captures has been added to the gallery: