Jessica reacts to Gary Oldman’s words

And as expected, Jessica posted on her Facebook about Gery Oldman’s words on her at Time magazine. Check it:

I had no idea that Gary Oldman even knew my name 3 months ago. I’ve been a huge fan of his work for years. Many of you know the story of how I burst into tears when he came up to me on the red carpet at Palms Spring. His performances have meant so much to me. They’ve been so inspiring. Reading what he wrote in the TIME magazine piece leaves me speechless. I can never find the words to truly express how grateful I am to be a working actress. The beautiful, kind comments that Gary wrote drive me to want to be better. He is far too generous, but I will work very hard to try and live up to what he wrote. I am forever moved and in awe of that man. xx


Waiting for the day I can 'professional fangirl' for a living.