Feb 23, 2012
Jessica Chastain Reveals Her $1,000 Bet With Octavia Spencer!
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We’re not the only ones getting our Academy Award ballots ready!

Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain attended a dinner thrown by Harvey Weinstein in honor of the 40th anniversary of Sir Charlie Chaplin‘s Academy Award at Chateau Marmont Tuesday in Hollywood.

Jessica, 30, who looked stunning in a sheer Elie Saab gown (“I can’t move too much or else it will be a whole show!” she laughed) filled Celebuzz in on her plans for Oscar Sunday. Chastain is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Help, but she’s up against her costar Octavia Spencer who has cleaned up this awards season. So are the ladies making a friendly bet to keep the Academy Awards interesting this weekend?

“You know we did have a bet!” Jessica said. “In the very beginning we were traveling from New York to LA, it was before the Golden Globes. We’re sitting there, and Octavia–who is so humble and beautiful–never thought she was going to win anything. I was like ‘Honey, you’re taking it all! I bet you you’re going to win the Golden Globe.’ She was like ‘Oh no, I’m not.’ I said ‘Okay, I bet you $1,000!’”

“Octavia took the bet!” laughed Jessica. “Then about two minutes later I tried to get rid of the bet because I would not be able to take money from her. I felt so guilty! I felt like I set her up to give me money because she was obviously going to win! Instead we bet a spa day. So we’re going to do a spa day once all this is over. That will be our bet for Oscar Sunday.”

Love it! So has Miss Chastain found the dress?

“I have three fittings scheduled, but I don’t have a dress picked yet. I have three dresses and three designers. I’m not entirely serious with what I’m about to say because it will be a much different thing– but my whole life, since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to go to the Oscars. I’ve imagined what that day would be like, very much in the same way a little girl imagines what her wedding dress was going to be. This is my first time at the Oscars! Billy Crystal is hosting and I’m nominated! It’s a dream! To me it’s as emotional as choosing a wedding dress.”

After telling Jessica I’m far from an Oscar dress and a wedding dress, she laughed: “Me too…well, not far from the Oscars. The other one!”

Still, she says that what she’s looking for during her fittings is something “feminine, yet modern.”

Jessica, who had seven films out this past year, is definitely one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood, and rightfully so. However, there have definitely been roles she wanted that she missed out on, too.

Oh my God, all the time,” she answered when asked if there was a part that got away. “I have a Facebook fan page and someone wrote in and asked me that same question. She was an actress who missed out. I’d rather not say which role in particular because the actress who got it deserved the part. But there is more than one role, definitely.