Dec 12, 2011
Fox Searchlight Debuts New Jessica Chastain Campaign Featurette
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Jessica Chastain has had a remarkably busy 2011.

She has had five breakout performances, playing a maternal goddess, a Southern belle, an Israeli Mossad agent, a wife to a crazy Michael Shannon in “Take Shelter” and a distraught spouse in “Coriolanus.”

Astonishingly, the actress received critical praise from all of her films. But many believe that the sheer number of Chastain’s performances could actually deter her from receiving the Oscar nomination that many believe she is due.

Chastain has landed in award bizarro land. The way it works is, if an actress has even two good films, she ends up splitting her support base and she receives too few votes overall to clinch the nomination.

So it’s up to the studios to make a case for the actress. Fox Searchlight has released a “Tree of Life” featurette via The Hollywood Reporter to do just that.

Terrence Malick’s beautifully shot film received mixed results from both critics and audiences, but Chastain’s performance has remained unscathed by any criticism.

Recently, she was voted best supporting actress (along with her co-star Brad Pitt for “Moneyball”) by the New York Film Critics Circle.

Additionally, Searchlight will be screening “Tree of Life” December 9 at Laemmle’s Music Hall in Beverly Hills (where it will have an exclusive week-long engagement).