Oct 30, 2011
Shannon: Chastain is so giving
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Jessica Chastain will make a great mum some day, her Take Shelter co-star Michael Shannon has said.

The US actor plays a paranoid man experiencing apocalyptic visions in the drama, with Jessica starring as his wife and mother to their young daughter, played by Tova Stewart.

Michael said of Jessica: “She has a big, big heart. She’s so compassionate and I think that’s what makes her work so powerful. Working with her and in things I have seen her in, she always brings so much love and sensitivity to what she does.

“And she really pays attention to other people, she’s not consumed by herself or her own situation, she’s always looking out for other people. Especially with kids, she’s always so sweet with them.

“On Take Shelter she was always keeping an eye on Tova who plays our daughter. I think not only is she a great actress, I think she’ll be a great mother some day.”