Sep 2, 2011
Chastain’s performance is the soul of ‘The Debt’
In The Debt

“The Debt” is a remake of the 2007 Israeli film “Ha-Hov.” Working from a screenplay by Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman and Peter Straughan, director John Madden (“Shakespeare in Love”) delivers a film that works as a spy story but also raises provocative questions about what happens when creating a national myth requires taking liberties with the facts.

Although Mirren is impressive, it’s Chastain who gives “The Debt” its urgency and its soul. Virtually unknown just a year ago, she has emerged as one of the most exciting actresses in American film, with recent standout roles in “The Tree of Life” and “The Help.” Chastain has the rare ability to disappear into a character while paradoxically retaining her singular charisma.

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