May 18, 2011
The Nine Actors Most Likely to Be Anointed Big Stars in 2011
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Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life premiered yesterday at Cannes, and amid all the debates of “Boring!” vs.”Masterpiece!” one thing remains constant: the buzz around one of its stars, newcomer Jessica Chastain, who plays Brad Pitt’s wife. Unless you’re a fan of her work on Law & Order: Trial by Jury — and you are not — she’s an unfamiliar face, but one that you will likely be seeing everywhere this year: She’s at the front of the pack of this year’s next-big-things, the actors who are riding a wave of media and industry anointment with their upcoming much-hyped projects. But will they be the next Matthew McConaughey or the next Gretchen Mol? To help you get familiarized with the upcoming crop of “future A-listers!” we’ve put together a slideshow of this year’s fresh faces, along with some key facts and their odds of superstardom. So study up! You’ll want to seem educated by the time Vanity Fair‘s “Hollywood” issue comes out.