Welcome to Jessica Chastain Network, the original and most complete fansite dedicated to Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain.
You may know Jessica from her roles in movies as Take Shelter, Coriolanus, Mama, Lawless, or the acclaimed Tree of Life, Zero Dark Thirty and The Help.

Jessica has first appeared on the public eyes during 2011 Cannes, when a very shy and beautiful redhead was being guided by Brad Pitt and Sean Penn on the red carpet. In a few months her career exploded, with seven movies being released in sequel and her first Oscar nomination coming right after. Today, it's nearly impossible you never have heard about her.

Our goal is to provide fans an up to date source for Miss Chastain with news, a comprehensive content, and a picture gallery with over 30.000 paparazzi free pictures and counting. Thank you for visiting!

About the Site

This site was created by Michelle back in March 2010, after she watching Jessica in the film Jolene.
After the Cannes explosion for Tree of Life, I (Luciana) became co-web of Michelle, to help her handle all appearances and news regarding Jessica soon-to-be released projects. I was totally clueless about her projects but Take Shelter trailer has been released and I was captivated by her beauty. While working on the site, I was able to know a little more about Jessica. After watching her projects, I knew it was a dead end. The girl is so talented, so charismatic, so beautiful, which makes her one of my favorite actresses – hands down my favorite of the ‘new generation’.

In May/2012 Michelle handled the site’s ownership to me, remaining a site member. Lindsey also joined us as co-web later in June. The rest is history and you can follow through the site’s posts.

About the Site

Launched in: March 01, 2010
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About the Webmaster

Name: Luciana
Email: luciana at jessica-chastain.com
Living in: São Paulo, Brazil
Favorite Actors Besides Jessica: Winona Ryder, Amy Adams, Rachel McAdams, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Winslet, Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling, Zachary Quinto, Alexander Skarsgard, Tom Hiddleston, Ewan McGregor, among others,
Collective: Almost Unreal

Name: Lindsey
Collective: Winter Bird


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