Jessica covers “La Parisienne”

Jessica is gracing the cover of the French magazine La Parisienne, which is on newsstands right now, to promote her YSL Manifesto campaign. The magazine features an unseen photo of the campaign.

Jessica featured at Marie Claire Italy

Jessica has three pages on the current issue of Italian Marie Claire, in which she talks about being considered an icon style, and about what does she think about her place as an actor.

You can check the scans on our gallery, while I translate the article. A huge thanks to Claudia for scanning it for us.

Heiress Apparent

Out Magazine sat down with Jessica to talk about The Heiress, and her feelings on portraying one of Broadway’s first feminists.

She conquered the Cineplex with seven films last year, and now Jessica Chastain’s taking a break from Hollywood and heading to the Great White Way. This season, she takes on the titular role in a revival of The Heiress, a story that earned Olivia de Havilland an Oscar for its 1949 film adaptation and made a bona fide, Tony-winning star out of Cherry Jones with its previous 1995 Broadway revival. As Chastain herself puts it, “You can tell so much about the quality of a role by the legacy of the actresses that have played it.”

Based on Henry James’s novella Washington Square, The Heiress details the pain of heroine Catherine Sloper as she’s torn between her domineering father and the young man who claims to adore her but may be a fortune hunter. Catherine’s dilemma may sound like the type of melodrama that fell out of fashion, but the struggle for personal salvation at the play’s center remains visceral and timely.

“When I read the script, I loved this character immediately,” says Chastain. “There’s something very courageous and, at the same time, very vulnerable about her.” She speculates that Catherine may be the first feminist. “She really does decide that she doesn’t need to be a prop to someone—that it’s all right to be on her own.”

In many ways, Catherine’s quest to redefine herself is akin to that of a gay adolescent. She is, after all, coping with a disapproving parent and trying to change the course of her future. The similarities aren’t lost on the show’s director, Moisés Kaufman, who is most celebrated for writing and directing The Laramie Project. “Catherine has a decision to make,” Kaufman says. “Should she continue to think of herself as her father thinks of her…or does she come up with a new way to think of herself and survive? I do think gay men have a particular insight into that process.”

“The Heiress” Fan Review

A lucky person who attended the opening night for “The Heiress” just left a review over Broadway World forum:

I was there and really enjoyed it. The Heiress is a very slow burn; if you’ll pardon the analogy it’s like edging yourself for three hours: a pleasurable journey of teasing and taunting with a guaranteed big payoff.

(…)I’ll warn upfront that I’m a crazy Chastain fan. I was worried though- what if all her brilliant film performances don’t translate to the stage? Could she deliver live? The answer is a resounding yes. She is the real deal.

Act One: awkward, shy, clumsy, naive, trusting, loving. It’s all the more juicy knowing that she’s going to get to really have some fun in Act Two. The first scene in Act Two when her father really lays into her was terrifying. I couldn’t even pay attention to David Strathairn. I could only watch Chastain’s face as she reacted to his cruel words. A click went off and her character wasn’t going to be the same again. The following scene at night when everything came crashing down finally sent her over the edge enough to deliver the final vindictive acts. Is this where the phrase “revenge is a dish best served cold” come from?

(…)I definitely want to see this again. It’s one of the strongest offerings of this season so far. I hope The Heiress marks the beginning of a long, long stage career for Chastain.

The Hollywood Reporter 2011 Scans

I have added to the gallery scans of an old “The Hollywood Reporter” issue done during Cannes Festival, back in the time when Jessica was a fresh face and a very promising actress. It’s crazy thinking that it’s being only a year ago when barely no one knew her, and she’s now an Academy Award® nominee with several projects up and running and praised performances all around. Impressive, huh?

Check scans (and if you don’t remember, check the behind-the-scenes photos that were added back in time) up in our gallery:

Jessica and Dan talks with EW about “The Heiress”

Changing loyalties, an inheritance and a mysterious man who may be up to no good? This kind of drama would feel right at home on a nighttime soap, but instead of being the latest twist on Revenge, it’s the plot of new play revival The Heiress, starring Jessica Chastain and Dan Stevens in their Broadway debuts.

The Heiress has an impressive history: It was originally an 1880 Henry James novel called Washington Square, before debuting as a play in 1947 and a movie in 1949. Another film version was released in 1997. But despite its long past, the show — about a woman (Chastain) caught between a controlling father (David Strathairn) and a young suitor (Stevens) who may only be after money, not love — is incredibly modern, according to Chastain. “It’s very relevant, a woman believing she is what the men in her life tells her she is,” Chastain said. “And it goes from her father to her suitor to finally at the end of the play, she’s on her own.”

When EW caught up with Chastain and Stevens a few weeks ago, they were just beginning the rehearsal process for the show (which begins previews Oct. 6) and were eager to chat about their characters and their return to the stage, after a fruitful couple of years for the stars in movies (Chastain was an Oscar nominee for last year’s The Help) and television (Stevens portrays Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey). Continue reading

TV Spot for “The Heiress”

Watch the new television commercial for THE HEIRESS on Broadway.
THE HEIRESS is the story of Catherine Sloper, the shy and sheltered daughter of a prominent New Yorker. Caught between the demands of an emotionally distant father and the attentions of a passionate young suitor, Catherine must navigate the terrain of love and regret, desire and duty, a chance for happiness and the burden of fortune…as only an heiress can.

‘Lawless’ Coming to DVD/Blu-Ray on 11/27!

Anchor Bay Entertainment and The Weinstein Company announced today the Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD release of the critically acclaimed film, LAWLESS, from director John Hillcoat. Written by musician, composer and screenwriter, Nick Cave, inspired by the 2008 biographical novel The Wettest County In The World, LAWLESS follows the bootlegging Bondurant Brothers on their quest for the American Dream in Prohibition-era Virginia. Featuring an all-star cast that includes Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Academy Award® nominee Gary Oldman, Mia Wasikowska, Academy Award® nominee Jessica Chastain and Emmy® winner Guy Pearce, LAWLESS heads to retail on November 27, 2012 for an SRP of $39.99 for the Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and $29.98 for the DVD.

The LAWLESS Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD special features include an audio commentary with Director John Hillcoat and Author Matt Bondurant; two featurettes: “The True Story of the Wettest County In The World” and “Franklin County, VA: Then and Now”; Willie Nelson’s “Midnight Run” music video; and deleted scenes. Note: Special features are subject to change.

Check in our gallery the cover art for Blu-Ray, DVD, and Combo Pack.

Thanks to my friend Jess for the heads up!

Paris Fashion Week: Saint Laurent Show

Jessica attended today the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show in Paris. She was gorgeous wearing a black and white polka dot dress, and dark blazer. Check inside your gallery some pictures of her on the arrivals, and at the first line:

“Zero Dark Thirty” New Poster

A new poster for Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty is now online, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

Reteaming with The Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal, Bigelow’s latest stars Joel Edgerton, Jessica Chastain, Edgar Ramirez, Mark Strong, Kyle Chandler, Nash Edgerton, Jennifer Ehle, Harold Perrineau and Frank Grillo and focuses on the black ops mission to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, which culminated in his death during a high-stakes raid on his compound in Pakistan.

Zero Dark Thirty hits theaters on December 19.