More “TimesTalk” Pictures

I have added 20 new HQ pictures of Jessica last night at TimesTalk. Will add screen captures later today.

TimesTalk with Jessica Chastain: First Pictures

Jessica took a sit today with Charles McGrath at TimesTalk to talk about her next project “The Heiress”. Watch it below and check the fist batch of mq pictures in our gallery.

“The Train Driver” Opening Night

Jessica attended last night the opening night of “The Train Driver” at Signature Center, and my friend Marica has shared a few HQ pictures with us:

TimesTalks – Jessica Chastain: “The Heiress”

Actress Jessica Chastain – acclaimed for her work in “Tree of Life,” “Take Shelter” and “Coriolanus,” nominated for an Academy Award for her role in “The Help,” and currently seen in “Lawless” – is making her Broadway debut in a new production of the Tony Award-winning play “The Heiress,” based on the classic Henry James novel “Washington Square” and Academy Award-winning film. Hear her discuss the compelling character of “The Heiress” and her career on stage and screen.

TimesTalks – Jessica Chastain: “The Heiress”
Monday, September 10 at 6:30PM
at The TimesCenter – 242 West 41st Street – New York, NY 10018
Tickets: $35,00 – Buy here

EW Scan, and a new layout

A few posts below we gave you the “Mama” first look published on Entertainment Weekly’s current issue. I have added the proper scan of it to the gallery, thanks to Ali who takes her time to scan it for us.

And as you can notice, we have a new layout up. As much I adore our previous one, I was looking for something a little different. The main image is a promotional “YSL Manifesto” photo – which you also can find here. The new look graces over our gallery as well, and I hope you like it. Please let me know if you find anything out of the place. :)

Altuzarra Fashion Show

Jessica was in front row at the Altuzarra Spring 2013 show yesterday, and I have a few pictures to share with you:

New York Times Photoshoot

With the article posted below, Jess did a beautiful session that you can see below. Unfortunately, I was only able to find it tagged, but it worth the view:

Edit: replaced for untagged mqs, thanks to awesome Renee

Off to Broadway and Back to School

JESSICA CHASTAIN has turned up lately in so many movies all at once that audiences may be forgiven for imagining that with her ethereal manner (in “The Tree of Life,” anyway) and Botticelli looks — the alabaster skin, huge green eyes and cascade of auburn hair — she wafted into Hollywood on a seashell. In fact Ms. Chastain, who makes her Broadway debut in “The Heiress” on Nov. 1, is a trained stage actress who spent four transformative years at Juilliard, from which she graduated in 2003.

On Labor Day, before the students had unpacked their stuff, she dropped by for a quick visit and headed right for Room 304, a big rehearsal space where first-year students spend most of their classroom time. “I was actually born in this room,” she said, laughing. “We had an exercise where we had to start as a fetus. There were people lying on the floor and screaming and crying, and then we were toddlers, and then there were people getting into relationships and divorces. It was the whole cycle of mankind, until we died.” Continue reading

Fashion’s Night Out Additional Pictures

I have found a few more pictures of Jessica last night, you can find in our gallery:

Jessica and Dan Stevens at Fashion’s Night Out

As previously reported, Jessica and Dan attended tonight at Jeffrey New York the “Fashion’s Night Out” event. Look how pretty she was:

Credit goes to jeevermadness on Tumblr. As soon more pictures surfaces it will be added to our gallery.