Gallery Updates: Good Morning America

Pictures of Jessica arriving today at ABC New York studios for Good Morning America, plus screen captures of the video below has now been added to the gallery. Check it:

Jessica on ABC “Good Morning America”

This completely passed on me! Jessica was today morning at “Good Morning America”, discussing “Lawless”. Here’s the video interview:

Jessica Chastain and the pressure of doing “Zero Dark Thirty”

MTV News’ Josh Horowitz spoke with one of the film’s many stars, Jessica Chastain, about her role in the mysterious project and how filming such sensitive material affected the shoot.

Handling a topic as delicate and secretive as the hunt for Bin Laden is bound to come with some extra pressure, but shooting “Zero Dark Thirty” near where the actual events took place added a whole other layer of stress for the cast and crew.

“It was a very stressful shoot. Maybe that’s all I should say,” Chastain said. “It was a very stressful shoot, but how could it not be when you’re dealing with that kind of material and you’re in that part of the world. We were shooting part of it in Chandigarh, India, which is on the border of Pakistan.”

Chastain hesitantly admitted that most, if not all, of the cast is playing real-life characters, which also complicates retelling their story. “It’s such great responsibility in the story we were telling,” she said. “It was a lot of pressure. I think the script is one of the best scripts that I have ever read, and my part is awesome. I’m excited for it to come out at the end of the year.”

The Hollywood Reporter Scans

I have added 5 HQ scans of “The Hollywood Reporter” current issue, thanks to my friend Faith from Shia Online:

Case Studies: Jessica Chastain and Tom Hardy

Born worlds apart, Hardy and Chastain have followed widely divergent paths alone the way to taking their places on the new, elusive A-list — with stops on stage, TV and Oscar-winning productions. And yet they’ve found their way to the same place: John Hillcoat’s bootlegger drama “Lawless.”

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Jessica Chastain on Her Beloved Stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, and Dressing for Attention

“Right now I am wearing a big bow and fluorescent cuffs,” Jessica Chastain pointed out, somewhat unnecessarily, on the red carpet at last night’s New York premiere of Lawless at the Paley Center for Media. Describing her red-carpet style as “playful” and “dramatic,” she quickly added that this doesn’t translate to her normal wardrobe. “In my everyday style, it’s more simple. I don’t necessarily want to draw a lot of attention to myself. Lots of black blazers and scarves,” she said. So who’s responsible for her metamorphosis? Hollywood stylist Elizabeth Stewart, according to Chastain.

I’ve worked with her for two years. My very first meeting with her, I really had a connection because she sees fashion as more than just using a dress to look pretty. I never wear something to bring myself attention. For me, when I’m wearing a dress, it’s about the dress and about the story that the designer was creating. I also love the idea that she dresses people for who they are as individuals. She doesn’t dress people like herself, or like each other. She also dresses Cate Blanchett, Freida Pinto, and Amanda Seyfried, and we all have very different styles.

The black, bow-adorned dress she wore last night was vintage Yves Saint Laurent (soon to become Saint Laurent Paris) — a sensible choice, as the label sponsored the event and she’s the face of their new fragrance, Manifesto.


How ‘Lawless’ Nabbed New A-Listers Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain

When Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, Shia LaBeouf and Mia Wasikowska arrived at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival for the world premiere of John Hillcoat’s Prohibition-era gangster movie Lawless, they were the toast of the Croisette. First, venture capital magnate Ronald Cohen and his wife, Sharon Harel, a movie producer, threw an intimate dinner for the cast at their historic villa, Les Glaieuls. Then there was the lunch aboard Russia-born billionaire Len Blavatnik’s super-yacht, Odessa, with Harvey Weinstein, whose company is releasing Lawless in the U.S. on Aug. 29.

It didn’t start out that way, and the long road to making Lawless was fraught. The Lawless cast includes some of Hollywood’s busiest up-and-coming stars who straddle the indie and studio worlds. But a couple of years ago, veteran producers Lucy Fisher and Doug Wick could barely get the $22 million indie financed because no one quite knew who the lead actors were outside of LaBeouf. Wasikowska had some heat because of Alice in Wonderland (which grossed $1 billion worldwide). Lawless was shot in spring 2011, before Chastain burst onto the scene with The Help and before The Dark Knight Rises PR machine put Hardy’s face all over posters. They all rushed to work with Hillcoat, an Australian auteur who had made the acclaimed Western The Proposition and the post-apocalyptic father-son movie The Road. “It seems like there’s a really fantastic wave of new talent,” says Hillcoat. “I’m trying to work out how this came about — I think there’s so many great characters on television now, it’s changed things.”

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“Lawless” Covers The Hollywood Reporter

The current issue of “The Hollywood Reporter” brings the “Lawless” cast. Check below the behind-the-scenes of this photoshoot:

“Lawless” NYC Screening – First photos

Jessica attended the screening of “Lawless” in New York City hosted by Yves Saint Laurent last night. She looked stunning in a Yves Saint Laurent from Decades dress, Yves Saint Laurent heels, and Tom Binns bracelets. We added the first photos in our gallery, but keep checking back for more additions!

Vanity Fair Additional Outtakes

We just added some additional outtakes of Jessica’s Vanity Fair spread in our gallery. She looks absolutely gorgeous in this shoot. They are slightly tagged, but they are still worth the watch.