“Eleanor Rigby” Cannes Schedule + Press Kit
The 2014 Cannes Film Festival start tomorrow, and “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them” is set to have two screening on May 17. The...
Ned Benson talks about ‘Them’
The New York Times has today an interview with director Ned Benson, in which he talks about his three movie projects The Disappearance of...
‘Crimson Peak’ Wrap Filming
Posted by in Crimson Peak
Jessica posted on her Facebook that yesterday was the last day of shooting, so now Crimson Peak enter on its post-production time. The film...
Jessica has joined Twitter!
Posted by in News
And the day has come! Jessica completed the social media triade by joining Twitter today! I've taken the plunge & joined Twitter! Here's a...
‘Eleanor Rigby: His, Hers and Them’
Exciting news! Three versions of ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby‘ will be released, instead the combined one only! The Playlist – When the Cannes...
Full look of Jessica in “Crimson Peak”
Posted by in Crimson Peak, Gallery
Hamilton fans are having a blast this week, with the shooting of Crimson Peak in full power at the Dundurn Castle. The social media...
Photoshoot add-on
Posted by in Gallery
I have a nice present to the website, sent by my friend Renee, and it makes me very happy since someone once pointed me...
‘Interstellar’ Poster is Released
Posted by in Interstellar
The Playlist – There’s a couple of reasons to go see “Godzilla” next weekend. Firstly, it looks awesome, secondly, the new trailer for Christopher...
Manifesto L’eclat Photoshoot
Posted by in Gallery, YSL Manifesto
Finally I came across some beautiful promotional pictures of Manifesto L’Eclat, as you can see below: 2012 – YSL Manifesto > Promotional Images –...
New ‘Interstellar’ trailer to debut with Godzilla
Posted by in Interstellar
According to our friends over Interstellar Movie, a new trailer is set to be released next week: The new full length trailer according to...
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